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Lost Art of Letter Writing

September 19th, 2007 at 02:35 pm

I was very close to a no spend day today but then I caved. Part of my spending was planned as it was for Christmas gifts on sale that had to be bought now or else pay more in a month. While I was ordering I decided to get some stationery supplies for myself.

One of my main hobbies is letter writing. I have friends scattered all over the world, and we keep in touch through letters. Yes, I know we could email for free, but I feel email cannot stand up next to a lovely, handwritten letter. I love getting mail from friends and seeing the colorful stationery and handwritten words. Just as much I enjoy sitting down to handwrite a letter on pretty paper, choosing a fun stamp, and dropping it into the mail on its way to my friend.

Emails tend to be quick notes about the more exciting highlights of life. Letters are more about rambling and sharing those little moments and events that while not earth-shattering are what life is truly about. Even though email is free and letters are costly (paper, envelopes, stamps), I still choose letters. I think personal finance is about choosing which areas are worth the extra money and which areas are for saving.

4 Responses to “Lost Art of Letter Writing”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    I too am a letter writer, however I confess mine have slipped. I use the computer to write the letters, but still do things to the paper & often make my own envelopes. I also use my calligraphy to address them, so it does still look a bit hand written.....

    I write notes to people all the time, and still manage to keep those hand written.

    One of the most fun things I've ever done was to write to my dad the last year of his life. (still saw him every other day.......but getting mail, as you said is a fun thing) I sent a letter weekly, and I included 5 things I was grateful to him for. After he died, I continued and did the same thing for my mom. I know she has both batches of letters (and envelopes) in a binder at this point. Letters do mean more than an email!!!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Yes, letters can be quite a work of art nowadays!

    Something that is very difficult (some say impossible) to capture and duplicate with emails.

    Same thing with cards as well. I have a friend who insists making her own Christmas cards, and they are all such a joy to get.

    Shhh. Don't tell the guys this, but sometimes, I like to go to the craft store and look at all the fancy expensive papers and how they can all be folded into their own cards or letters for some very artistic correspondences. You know, styles that are similar to what is used in scrapbooks.

    Ahem. Just so it's clear, art like that can be manly I think. However, today, it mostly manifests itself in the industrial designs found in premium technology products. Apple is the classic example of this, and has spawn a bit of a cultish following for The Unboxing.

  3. fern Says:

    I have a huge collection of lovely stationery, but now no one really to write to. Email IS too easy.

  4. princessperky Says:

    I have started a habit with the kids, of having them write a note each week-ish..the recipients are always so happy..like it was a gift of amazing proportions..I am going to keep it up just to keep seeing the faces of the recipients when they come back to say thank you!

    Though oddly, most say they will write back..so far none have.

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