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Continuing Saga of Paycheck Problem

September 21st, 2007 at 10:35 am

Dh found out today that his paycheck should be straightened out on the next pay cycle. It has been off by $150 for two paychecks. Other than being annoying as it throws off my budgeting, I guess I can be patient. My budget is offset though so we could technically miss one paycheck without being behind on any bills. Dh says this happens to other people, and I wonder about those who live paycheck to paycheck. I know this could create serious problems for them.

It just reiterates the need for an EF. Until a few months ago we never never had an actual EF. There was extra money but never really enough if there was an emergency. I am amazed that a few changes in thought and spending have allowed us to set aside money for yearly bills (property taxes, insurance, etc) and have an EF of $1000+. I am glad because these changes have allowed us to handle this paycheck mixup with no real financial problems.

3 Responses to “Continuing Saga of Paycheck Problem”

  1. reflectionite Says:

    ugh, i worked at a place where you had to constantly check your pay check to make sure you were paid correctly - it was so annoying! although i myself have never actually lived paycheck to paycheck (unless you count when i was at school and excitedly awaited every second thursday for when the $107 went in from my traineeship...) it was very hard for the few that had struggling families. sometimes problems would happen with the pay going in and it would be a day late as well, which was tense for a girl i knew who was paying a mortgage... argh! so glad the places i work now dont do that to me!

  2. baselle Says:

    I'm always suspicious of any paycheck problem. It says too much about the workplace, and nothing it says is good.

  3. Amber Says:

    I worked at a place that sold to another company ( a very large company) and we had that same problem. After the second time, I told the VP that if my check was not correct by the 3rd check (3 strikes your're out ) that I was leaving and at that time I lived check to check
    My thin is this if I come to work on time do my job I expect to be paid on time and with the correct amount

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