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This Past Week & Update

April 6th, 2008 at 06:50 am

First I updated the totals for my goals. The vehicle fund had its first addition. Hopefully we will not need another vehicle for several years so that will be a long term fund.

The house fund got a small addition. We have a very long way to go with that one. I try to focus on the fact it is going up and not how much we are lacking.

The emergency fund did not get an addition. In fact we had to take some money out of the smaller fund at our local bank. Dh needed a root canal, and it was a bit more than what we had in the dental account. Then we had decided to get our propane tank filled as the gas company was having a sale(!). We got almost 50 cents a gallon off the regular price. We were $37 short in that account as we would normally get a delivery in two months. However with the discount it was smarter to fill up now. All total I need to add $53 back into our small EF. Then we can focus on the full EF again.

I finished up the first week of work. Suprisingly it was much easier to adjust to the schedule this time around. I feel the next 10 weeks will go by quickly. The first paycheck will not arrive until the end of this month. That will be split between the EF and the house fund.

1 Responses to “This Past Week & Update”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Hey, when the gas company's having a sale, it's time to fill up!

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